Gracefully let go!

As I have aged, I have come to learn that setbacks and disappointments are all part of life! Things that once seemed to be a perfect fit in my life, no longer feel that way and the goals, which I dreamed of accomplishing seem to not matter at all, replaced by new visions for my future.  It seems as if suddenly I find myself completely changed-feeling a stranger in my own life. Not recognizing nor relating to the "old" people in my life but not having anything to replace them with.

That feeling disconnected spans from my job to my friends. Sometimes it is hard for us to admit when we've grown apart from someone, especially if that person once fit perfectly into our lives.  This person could be anyone-a friend, your family, or your past co-workers. I have tried to think my way out of my present uneasy feelings.  But, the Universe would not let me.  Each and every person has shown me, who they are-suffering, narcissistic and broken.  They all secretly wanted me to save their souls, while they continued to let their ego run their lives, remaining empty and unfulfilled.  They take and then they are so shocked when the faucet of compassion is turned off.  One thing they all have in common is that they all only took from me, never capable of returning any of my compassion.  I gave my power to each and every one of them.   I choose all those people so that I could learn to love and respect myself more! To learn how to stick up for myself and to stand in my own power. 

Perhaps, you too are living in the same present day "uncomfortable fit" that I am experiencing.  If so, know that this uncertainty is caused by Life itself. Life changes us, if we let it. We can certainly fight it or we can let go gracefully to make room for people, places and things that are more in alignment with who we are right now. 


And, that is the key to all of this.  We only truly live in a sequence of present moments.  The past is done. The old thinking is done.  And, now it's time, as always to begin again.  To listen more closely to your heart and to tightly hold onto to your power.

Recently, I've done a series of letting go of childhood trauma.  Trauma that since no one ever believed me, I buried deep within myself. It has now been uncovered, recognized and released.  I have been released to love and honor myself for the person I have become and for the person who I am becoming.  I encourage each and every person, to stop fighting to stay the way you were and embrace the new. 

Be willing to let go of all the things that do not serve you to create space for better things to enter your life. Express gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life and for all the wonderful things that are coming to you. Sit back and watch the beautiful un-foldment of your life with joy and delight. This is the only real moment and YOU are exactly who you were meant to be. Let go!