Transform your fate into destiny

It's a Full Moon tomorrow and I'm sure you can feel the intensity of the energies.


Tomorrow's Full Moon is in Capricorn - this is the sign that encourages you to build your dreams step by step, even when it feels like you are climbing a steep mountain. You must have patience and perseverance. It's not a time to give up on yourself! Rather, it's a time to remember that your dreams are worth the effort and that YOU are truly the creator of your life's journey.

Many people use the words fate and destiny interchangeably. Yet, they are very different. Fate is what occurs if you let life happen to you. Life deals you a hand and you can accept those circumstances as seemingly inevitable. Destiny is choosing to be a deliberate creator of your life, fulfilling your potential for greatness. If fate is the hand you are dealt, destiny is how you play it.

Fate is your karma. Destiny is your dharma.

You make choices every day. You can choose to live by the rules you were taught, or you can choose to do what's truly in your heart. It's up to you!  Today, focus on what you want your future to look like;  let go of all the stuff that's holding you back and keeping you stuck. Then, move forward with love in your heart.  Create the life you desire!