It's always about YOU!!

For the past months, I've watched the women around me try to fill their emptiness within themselves with new romances, new relationships. Despite them being in true self crisis, they still look for another being to heal that part that keeps them feeling alone and in despair, even when they eventually are partnered up.  Somehow they believe although they are lonely, depressed and withdrawn, that they will be able to find Mr. Nice.  Alas, the law of attraction tells us otherwise.  You will attract what you give out. 


It is so exasperating to watch someone grasp onto the idea that a "man" will be the solution to all their current perceived problems.  Despite being morbidly depressed, they search endlessly for someone to help them forget about how frightened they are in their own life. They choose to give away their power to what they describe as a "nice guy", when  they truly have no idea what a nice guy is.  Their definition of "nice" is that the guy wants to be with them. It does not matter who or what he is because in truth, those women are incapable of being a part of a real relationship, since they refuse to even look at the relationship that they have with themselves. 

It breaks my heart to witness one of those women, who was clearly suicidal a few month ago,   instantly change into a happy camper when a "nice" guy looked her way.  All is well until this nice guy, who can't possibly really be nice since he is just reflecting her fear, insecurity and self loathing, walks away because he was never really into her, which she choose to remain blind to. I've watched really smart women choose to remain blind to most of the truths in their lives. They frequently are awakened by the truth. Never understanding why the people around kill themselves, "hide" from their negativity, treat them like shit and always have the same experience where they just don't see "it" coming.  The truth is they just don't want to see the truth.  The truth that these women just have decided to give their power and their life to a man, in order to feel alive. They take no notice of anything or anyone else but their man. Until....

My friends refuse to listen.  They are convinced that their happiness is dependent on being with someone. They will not listen to the fact that they need to be happy within themselves and then, they will find a truly authentic Mr. "Nice".  It is frustrating to watch what happens when Mr. Nice suddenly reverts into a jerk. Then, those women  will return to their cocoon of despair, blaming the world and even god for their pain and suffering. Always with the refrain that it was "complicated".  And that my friends is bullshit.

I write this blog knowing that the ladies who need to read this will never read it!  But, by some chance, someone who has come under the same spell that a man or woman can bring you happiness, will read this blog and awaken to the fact that no one can bring you true happiness but YOU.  Accept that fact and reclaim your power.  You can because I did. 


I must let these people go.  It is my journey to heal all those who are in my presence.  However, many of those people do not want to be healed or helped.  I send blessings to the women who haven't learned their value and may never. Today, accept your life as it is. Accept that you always have a choose.  Choose to love yourself and then you'll find the real Mr. Nice, right in front of you, right inside of you.