Grounded in gratitude


Life is a series of phases, of changes and new chapters that ultimately shape and create our lives. With each change and new phase comes a time of transition — a time of unrest, general questioning and discomfort.

However, as jarring as the feeling of not being settled may be, the fact remains that growth doesn’t come from a place of comfort. Those rocky transitions can leave you feeling stripped of familiar comforts in the face of unexpected challenges. It can make you question your abilities. And, that is where I found myself yesterday-wanting to fall back on my old patterns but hearing my intuition telling me that I now know a better way of dealing with stress and challenges.

In fact, the entire month of August certainly showed me and you our shadows; how we keep ourselves limited through false beliefs and destructive behavior patterns and how we give away our power to people, places and things . So, as we end this month of transition and "growing pains", take a moment to reflect on how much you've learned and how the Eclipse season shifted your perception of your life.  Even if you are still fighting some demons, recognize that you have learned so much about boundaries, self respect, creativity and what is truly in your heart.


Today, take time to consciously ground yourself in gratitude. Be grateful for it all! Be grateful that you are making positive changes in your life, even if you aren't perfect, yet. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else because "comparison is the thief of joy.” . Not only is comparison the thief of joy, but also of gratitude. Today, let yourself be-be loved, be understood,be enough, just be grateful! You are becoming the best version of yourself!

Just for today, I look at all the positive things in my life and I am grateful for them all. All of my needs are being taken care of, for which I am grateful. I accept my good with joy and pleasure. I am centered and focused and feel more secure each day. I am grateful. And so it is.