New Moon


New moons are a time for planting seeds, both literally and metaphorically. But before you get your gardening gloves on, it’s always good idea to put some thought into what you want to plant and why. After all, we reap what we sow and this idea is especially important to remember during this September 2018 new moon in Virgo, which is all about purity not in a sexual sense, but in the sense of maintaining personal integrity and keeping intentions pure.

Furthermore, what really matters to Virgo is service and this September new moon invites you to be of greater service to others by honing your craft or learning some useful new skills. The more practical, the better! And for health-conscious Virgo, nothing could be more practical than caring for the body, mind, and spirit.  However, this is not just about nursing others back to health and becoming the caretaker of the world. Instead,  Virgo can help teach you that you are able to serve a lot more effectively when you take time to practice self-care. Another words-you cannot help another, without helping yourself first! 

And yes, “practice makes perfect” at this new moon. But in your quest for perfection, do not focus so much on the flaws that you miss out on the bigger picture. Don't get caught up in “analysis paralysis". Virgo energy is best expressed by simplifying things, not complicating them.


So when you  are planting your own seeds during this new moon, it’s important to make sure the intentions behind them line up with your highest values and ideals. Sometimes, the gap between who you are and who you would like to be can feel painfully wide at times, but there is always something you can do to narrow it.  The trick to to not become overwhelmed by what your mind perceives to be impossible or improbable and just to take things one small step at a time—an approach that comes naturally to thoughtful, meticulous Virgo.


Every new moon you and I have another opportunity to begin again with clear intentions for what we want our future to look like. On this new moon, allow yourself to be inspired by the possibilities and just let go of what is weighing you down.  Let go of the fear! Let go of the old; let go of your past and release all that no longer serves you.  And, let love, joy and peace guide you as you walk your authentic path in alignment with love and your highest good.  Listen to your intuition and follow your heart, not your mind.  You will not be lead astray! So much good awaits you, set your intentions today!