My vision for 2017

It's been five days since I've returned from my epic trip through the Polar Vortex and I'm finally starting to regain my strength.  While I was away, wrestling with my past and present challenges, I wrote a vision of what I wanted for 2017.  This morning I returned to that document to see if it made any sense or had any meaning to me now that I have returned to my normal equilibrium. 

Guess what, it did.  In fact, it felt even more relevant this morning than it did when I wrote it.  From the calm and peaceful place, where I sit this morning, I realized that I needed to share it with others with the hope that you'll get inspired and create an intention list of their own.   It is my hope that collectively we can manifest goodness in our lives and create a peaceful and loving world in which we are all blessed and prospered. 

Here's my Vision for 2017

  • Be authentic no matter You never get away with making what does not feel good to you ever feel good to you. I will follow what I know to be true, even if it seems like I’ll be alone or jobless!  Just trust and remain in gratitude and joy!
  • Think bigger!  Love bigger, love less safely!
  • Think bigger!  How can you really make a difference?  Make sure what you're doing is coming from your heart not your ego.  Fancy dinner parties don't really count in the larger scheme of things and don't count as helping any higher good!
  • Stop fronting for non authentic people or those people, places or things that you clearly know are illusion.   You know the truth and the truth is that they are just illusions to teach you how to be authentically you.   By choosing not to support their illusion,  you will no longer have to resent them for being fakes.  Instead you can just accept them for what they are.
  • Let everyone learn his or her own lessons.   Unless asked do not give your opinion cause no one really cares what you think!!
  • Walk away a lot more.  Say YES to things that are right for you.  Stop making everyone else’s feelings and problems your problems too.
  • Stop taking care of the world and allow it to take care of me, a lot more!
  • Love myself more.  Respect myself no matter what.  Trust my intuition and my inner voice. 
  • Be my own best friend!  No one else can ever be that to you, except you!
  • Fear less! Feel more! Feel it and then release it into the light!
  • Let go willingly, joyfully and easily of all I do not need in my life.
  • Believe in myself more and accept that I am wise beyond my recognition.
  • Believe the words that people speak.  Do not make up sub-plots or rationalizations that make what they say and what they are any different.  People always reveal who they are, just believe them.  They are as sad, bad, mad and devious as they say they are!  And, you will not change them or help them become anything that they do not want to be or believe in.
  • Believe in new beginnings.  Believe in love.  Believe that I am moving into a time of great prosperity, abundance, love and service that is mutually beneficial to me and to the world.  And, so it is!
Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and blessings for a warm and prosperous New Year!

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and blessings for a warm and prosperous New Year!


Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and blessings for a warm and prosperous New Year!