All is truly well in your world


As you are raising your consciousness you might feel as if the ground below your feet is shifting. And, although you have let go of the the people, places and things that no longer serve any purpose in your life, you still may be uncertain of what comes next. Not having a next step can be scary. Really scary. Our culture is obsessed with progress, personal growth, and especially next steps, so not knowing where you’re going can seem overwhelming. It’s hard not to get swept up into that feeling of helplessness and fear. However, being at a crossroads is, in truth, a moment of opportunity. It’s at that moment when you feel like you don’t know anything, that you truly know everything you need to know. You know then that all those notions you’ve had about what you need to feel happy and successful are merely illusions-that in truth the perfect job, perfect partner or the perfect amount of money is truly not the source of happiness. In truth, only you are the source of your happiness. So, today, begin to realize that this “in between” space is truly a blessing. You now are being given the freedom to pursue opportunities where, when, and with whom you want-not just because they are what you've always done or what you've settled for. Today begin to settle into the journey and accept it for all its possibilities. Treat yourself with kindness and give yourself the time and space to craft meaning in your life in new ways. Today, trust and accept your way through this in between time because there is so much light on the horizon.

Just for today, in the infinity of life where I am right now, all is perfect, whole and complete. I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack. I now choose to see myself as the Universe sees me, perfect, whole and complete. I now choose to begin to live with this understanding-I am always in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. All is truly well in my world and so it is.