Impeccable to Word and Deed


"Be Impeccable with Your Word."

Most of us consider ourselves good people. We recycle, give to charity, volunteer for causes and generally try to do the right thing when we have the opportunity. Yet most good people also lie quite frequently. We lie for many reasons-to keep from insulting or wounding someone we care about, to smooth over conflict or to make someone happy.

In truth, we most often lie to make our own reality more comfortable! But lying, just as with other careless uses of language, such as making false promises or gossiping, or trying to sound authoritative on topics you don’t fully understand — has many negative consequences.

When your words don’t match your actions, you lose a measure of healthy ownership and control over your life. Careless language undermines your relationships, chips away at your sense of self and decreases your personal power. Today, begin to recognize how often you don't tell the truth to yourself or others for whatever reason you and your ego made up; how often do you say you'll do something and never do it and in truth never had any intention of doing it and how often do you not care about the words that come out of your mouth? Then, begin to choose your words more carefully, more compassionately and more wisely. When you choose to be impeccable to word and deed, you will gain so much self respect, control over your life and a sense of peace, Your truth will set you free.

Just for today, I speak with integrity. I recognize that every word I speak is an affirmation. I choose to speak honestly and positively so that I can create an exceptional life. I use the power of my words in the direction of truth and love. It is safe to speak my truth. Each day I express more fully the inner strength and beauty of my true being. Life supports me in every possible way. And so it is.