Express yourself

Most of us have many things that we would like to express but hold back for many reasons-to keep the peace; to not hurt other people's feelings or simply because we are afraid of showing our darker sides. Therefore, we bury those feelings deep within us in hopes that they do not surface.

However, when you hold yourself back from speaking up about something that is wrong, you allow that thing, that incident to take on a life-force of its own. By hiding your true and perhaps dark feelings you actually give them more power. The only way to grow from your darkness is to shine a light on it and acknowledge that its exists. And the only way you can take responsibility for your own individual power is to honestly, bravely, and vulnerably share what needs to be said. Today would be that day to share any unexpressed feelings! Today is the day to communicate them all! When you stop being afraid of your darker emotions, you can acknowledge them and then express them. Once you clear the air you will feel so much lighter and will allow yourself new growth and new found respect for yourself and your boundaries.


Just for today, I speak up for myself. I claim my power now. I am safe when I express my feelings. I can remain serene in all situations. I recognize that all my feelings are my friends, not just the ones that I like. I freely express who I am and out of this situation only good will come. . And so it is.