Choose love

Life is a voyage of self discovery-a journey of enlightenment. To be enlightened is to go within and to know who and what you really are, and to know that you have the ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of yourself.

However, many of us have been taught that it's selfish and vain to love ourselves. In truth, it is not selfish to love yourself. In fact, loving yourself allows you to freely love other people without the constant need to be loved by them. Unfortunately, many of us will not love ourselves until we lose the weight, or get the job, or get the raise, or whatever. We often put conditions on our love. But today is the day the you begin to change-to love yourself unconditionally. Today is the day that you can begin to love yourself totally with no expectations. Love is something you can choose, the same way you choose anger, or hate, or sadness. You can choose to forgive someone who has hurt you and begin to finally heal. You can choose to be grateful for what you have. You can choose love. It’s always a choice within you. Today, right now in this moment set your intentions to choose love.It’s the most powerful healing force there is.


Just for today, I choose to feel good about myself. I am worthy of my own love. I choose to see with eyes of love. I love what I see. I choose to love and approve of myself unconditionally, knowing that loving myself will work miracles in my life. I am safe. I am loved and all is truly well in my world. And so it is.