Each of us has an innate creative energy waiting to be expressed. Kids do it all the time, when they play, do crafts, or tell stories. . But, at some point, we "grow up", we start trading creative expression for fitting in, achieving academic success or just "adulting". And, not using your creativity can have some real, negative impacts on your life, relationships, and even your health.By not expressing your creativity, you hide a part of your true self. By not using your innate creativity, you give your power up to create your own life. Today is the day that you reclaim your creativity. Your creativity and inspiration are just waiting to be expressed. Today begin sharing your creative gifts with the world around you and create the life you desire.

Just for today, I recognize that the key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience. I use this key in every area of my life. I am learning to be more creative every day.I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully. My unique creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways. All is truly well in my world. And so it is.