Divine Timing

Mercury retrograde teaches us not to push. However, sometimes we don't listen or don't stop when we clearly are given the message-we just keep pushing and pushing trying to make what we think should happen, happen. Today, when you are being blocked or stopped from moving forward, instead of pushing harder, take a step back. Pay attention to the lessons that you are intended to learn from being thwarted in your actions and just allow things to unfold . Today, trust in the divine timing of the Universe and that everything always works out for your highest and best. The Universe is shaking us to awaken us. Pay attention and stop pushing.


Just for today, I trust in the perfection of Divine Timing and allow my life to unfold as it should. I trust that I am always in the right place, at the right time for the unfolding of my plans, dreams and desires. Everything is occurring in the perfect timing. I surrender to and trust in the divine timing of my life. I am safe and out of this situation only good will come. And so it is.