Sometimes you just have to laugh! Laughter is a remarkable healing force and is often under-rated and over looked. The healing power of laughter has even been scientifically proven and yet we often overlook it because we get lost in our minds, allowing fear to wipe away our sense of humor, leaving us to unnecessarily suffer and struggle. Although it is not always easy to just “laugh it off” when you’re going through a difficult time or something tragic happens, today recognize that laughter will in truth make you feel better. Taking your current situation or problems too seriously will only result in more of those problems and more fear. Today, find reasons to laugh! Remember that life is funny. Focus on finding the laughable moments in your day, and then tell a friend your funny story as a way to increase the power of laughter by sharing.And if you don’t come across it by chance, track down a way you can lose yourself in laughter. It’s not wrong to laugh when things are tough; on the contrary, it will help-I promise.


Just for today, I fill my day with joy and laughter. I laugh at myself. I laugh at Life and nothing can touch me. I choose not to be offended by anything or anyone. Wherever I am there is joy and laughter and all is truly well in my world. And so it is.