It is the journey that is the destination

Whatever it is in your life that you’re moving toward isn’t worth you rushing there. You are in truth never going to reach "the" destination, for there is always another one. Today, recognize that it is the journey that is the destination. In fact, the journey to achieve a goal is not measured by what you accomplished or obtained, but in the person you become along the way, the skills you acquire, the connections you make and the inner growth which takes place.Today, recognize that Life is a series of smaller destinations. And that the goal in life is not to acquire things or people to complete you. Instead, it is for you to learn lessons; to be present in your experiences and to learn to love, accept and cherish yourself and what life is presenting to you in each moment. In fact, Life is meant to be enjoyed. Today, slow down and enjoy the process.


Just for today, I recognize that the work I do on myself is not a goal. It is a process-a lifetime process. I choose to enjoy the process. I recognize that I have come to this planet to learn to love myself more and to share that love with others. I express the joy of living and allow myself to enjoy every minute of this day. Everything is working out for my highest good. And so it is.