Speak your truth!

Most of us are inherently people pleasers, so we want to fit in—to not rock the boat. But we also want to be successful and be noticed— to stand out. It’s a competing paradigm that can test our authenticity and ultimately takes us further away from who we are with this pressure to be something else. Whether we deny ourselves to fit in or push ourselves to stand out, we’re having to be someone else, and that’s exhausting. Today, recognize that there is another way, and it involves listening to your heart, not to what others or your “monkey mind” say . Today, take some quiet time to listen to yourself and hear where you are not being authentic or have not been speaking your truth for whatever reason you have made up to justify that behavior. Begin to rediscover what matters to you instead of worrying about what you think you ‘should’ be doing. And then prioritize your time based on your true priorities—the ones that make your heart sing. Today, speak your truth and be your authentic self. You have so much to share. Now is the time for the world to hear it. Today, be true to you.


Just for today, I choose to be authentic and live in my truth. I am far more than other people's opinions. My opinion of myself is the only one that counts. I am not my parents nor their patterns. I am my own true self and I am free to be me. I am safe. I am loved and all is truly well in my world.