Be amazed!

Your mind can be the most hardened criminal against your own happiness. It snatches the joy right out of your hands. It confuses busy with important, urgent with significant, and difficulty with meaning. Your mind can give the future and the past too much significance. It reminds you of what you haven't done yet. It wants to speed up time, plowing right through those moments of your day, barely noticing what's happening in each moment. Today, offers you a chance to slow down, be present and to just be amazed by it all. In fact, each new day offers you another chance to be nice to yourself, no matter what your mind tells you. Although it isn’t humanly possible to love every second of life, you always have a choice. Today, choose to be present and to be amazed by it all. Take a step back and look at your life with gratitude. Be amazed by your spirit. Be amazed by your tenacity. Be amazed by that part of you that refuses to give up. You only get one shot at life, and you don’t have a whole lot of control over what happens to you in it. Take advantage of the choices that you do have. Today choose to be present. Choose to be amazed by Life.


Just for today, I recognize that yesterday is in the past. I turn my total attention to this present moment. I have the power to create all that I wish for with my mind and my thoughts. I know that in any moment I always have a choice. Today, I choose to remain in the present moment. I welcome miracles into my life and I choose to be amazed. And so it is.