Joyful June has arrived and this month can help you prepare emotionally, spiritually and mentally for extraordinary changes that lie ahead for you. This month, you will given many choices that can guide you toward exciting opportunities. The decisions that you make, this month, will have long lasting effects and it will be up to you to be willing to change; willing to step out of the patterns and old ways of doing things, which in reality are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be. Today, begin this new month of choices by choosing to look at the people, places, beliefs, patterns, routines and all of the things that no longer serve any purpose in your life and in fact may be limiting your happiness and your personal growth. Then, be willing to let go of them. Today, be willing to see where you need to change so that you can begin to experience your life in a whole new way-a way that will be more aligned with the person you want to become.


Just for today, I am willing to change and growth. I know that in order to change my life outside, I must change inside. The moment I am willing to change it is amazing how the Universe begins to help me. It brings me everything I need. I am safe. It is only change and everything is working out for my highest good. And so it is. Happy June!