Meditation and the art of letting go

Pretty much all of our struggles, from frustrations to anxiety, from anger to sadness, from grief to worry, all stem from the same thing … from being too tightly attached to something. For instance, when we’re worried, we are tightly attached to how we want things to be, rather than relaxing into accepting whatever might happen when we just do our best. When we’re frustrated with someone, it’s because we’re attached to how we want them to be, rather than accepting them as they are-flaws and all. . So, the answer to most of our struggling and suffering is to let go, to stop clinging so tightly to everything and everyone. However, that is easier said than done and takes practice-as much practice and energy as we do remaining attached to people, places, things and beliefs that do not serve us and in some cases even hurt us. Letting go of those things is a slow and deliberate process and involves you allowing yourself some quiet time, in meditation, even for a short time, daily! Meditation and focusing on your breath will bring you back to the present moment, allow you to see what is true for you and what is illusion. Meditation will allow you to little by little, let go and stop suffering. Today, invest your time in you through self care and through creating a new habit of meditation.You always know what's best for you, meditation will allow you to grow and change in ways you never thought possible.


Just for today, I create a stress free world for myself. I close my eyes, think positive thought and breathe goodness in and out. I allow myself to be quiet and still and I am amazed at what I find-Life is just waiting to share its secrets with me. I am now totally centered in the love and joy of being alive. I flow with Life. Peace of mind is mine. And so it is.