Welcome in what you want

We all know that we need to let go of stuff however, letting go can easily trigger fear. When you leave something behind and don’t know what to replace it with, you leave space for the unknown and that unknown can be scary, especially when you don’t know what’s coming next. That’s why you might find yourself clinging to the unwanted because that’s what’s familiar and known to you. But, that stuff is keeping you stuck. Today consciously decide to change it up and instead of focusing on what you do not want any more, focus on what you want to come next -consciously begin to "let in" instead of letting go. Rather than pushing away the unwanted, invite the wanted.If you want to let go of anxiety and self-doubt, invite peace and self confidence. If you want to let go of a past relationship, invite a new loving relationship. Today, invite what you desire into your life. Imagine, visualize, and fantasize what you’d love to have in your life. "Where focus grows, energy flows.” Today, focus on the wanted, not the unwanted and welcome the new into your life.


Just for today, I recognize that if I focus on what I do not want, that is exactly what I will get more of. I focus my attention on loving myself and trusting the Universe. I focus my attention on what I really want and I welcome new ideas, beliefs and people into my Life. I am safe. It is only change and everything is working out for my highest good. And so it is.