Claim your power to create your life

Today, is the day that you recognize that when it comes to what’s best for you, your own opinion is the only one that counts—and you can use it to change your life. As children we are taught that certain things are right and wrong, good or bad, acceptable and unacceptable-making it difficult for us to form our own beliefs and opinions about the world. Eventually, we can stop listening to ourselves and look towards others to decide what's right for us; to think for us. Today, you can choose to recognize that only you know what is right for you. You do that by feeling and trusting those feelings. Trusting what feels right for you, and having the courage to follow up on it is what can give you the power to create your best life. Today, take the time to hear your own thoughts, to truly feel your own feelings, to begin to trust your own intuition. Your feelings and intuition are your true opinion of anything, and it is the only one that counts. It is only by looking within yourself can you start to contemplate positive changes in your life. Today, stop looking for the answers outside of you. Only you get to choose what's right for you, only you know what's right for you and only you get to make the decision to change. Do so, today!


Just for today, as I move through the layers of other people's opinions and beliefs, I see within myself a magnificent being-wise and beautiful. I know that I am far more than other people's opinions. My opinion of myself is the only one that counts. I have the power to change my life. I claim that power and I consciously create the life I desire. I am safe and all is truly well in my world. And so it is.